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Classroom life

Below are e-mails from the teachers in your child's class.

From Monday 16 March, teachers will send the daily work plan and homework assignments to the parents' email address.

If parents have any questions, they will be able to communicate by e-mail with their child's teacher.

The email addresses of the teachers in each class are listed below.

Each student is left with his or her French and math textbooks, as well as the essential material to be able to work at home.

Families who have not been able to collect their child's textbooks can come to school from Monday 16 March at 08h30.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the school by telephone on 98 98 86 65 or by email condamine@gouv.mc .


CP A         Katia GAZZOLA


CP B         Vannina ARRIGHI


CP M        Christine PREVOST


CE1 A       Anne MANCINI


CE1 B       Isabelle ESPOSITO


CE1 M       Alexandra JEREMENKO 


CE2 A       Mylène PUGET


CE2 B       Aurélien RANALDI remplacé par Karine DUMOND


CE2 M       Stéphanie FOLCO


CM1 A       Eloïse CHANUT


               Julie GOURCILLEAU


CM1 B      Sylvie MAGNIN




CM1 M      Laetitia CANEL


CM2 A       Jessica CORSO


CM2 B       Florence PORTIER


CM2 C       Marjorie BELLONE 


CM2 M      Jean François GUIDEZ